Dream Season: 2 VI Alaska First Ascents in 2 Months

The February Mountaineering Club of Alaska (MCA) meeting featured a slideshow by Clint Helander, who shared photos, videos and stories on his banner 2022 Alaska Range season, which included the first ascent of Golgotha’s East Face and Full Moon Fever on 14,573’ Mount Hunter. Golgotha (8,940’), located in the distant Revelation Mountains, had been a 14 year dream. He and Andres Marin finally succeeded on their route “The Shaft of the Abyss” on their fifth attempt after repeated failures and nearly being killed by an avalanche in base camp 2016. Helander made the first ascent of the mountain in 2012 with Ben Trocki. 

 Helander and August Franzen completed their completely independent new route on Mount Hunter in May 2022, which included a rare traverse of the entire summit massif and all three summits. The team first attempted the route in 2021, when Helander took a 25-foot crevasse fall.

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